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8 EASY Ways to Personalize Your Cover Letter

A cover letter is a great way to introduce yourself.  Many job seekers make the mistake of a one-size-fits-all introduction.  Don’t waste your first impression by sending a generic letter. I would HIGHLY suggest personalizing it.  Use these 8 tips to make an impact and get into the “YES” pile. How to Personalize a Cover […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Join LinkedIn

7 Reasons Why You Should Join LinkedIn What? You’re not on LinkedIn yet? What are you waiting for? These seven reasons outline why you should be on the social networking site. Because That’s Where The People Are. LinkedIn is the number one social network for professionals — and, arguably, the most important website for jobseekers […]

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees: Jobseeker’s Guide to Salary Negotiation

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees: Jobseeker’s Guide to Salary Negotiation Money is usually the most sensitive issue in the hiring process. Discussing compensation often causes anxiety for both employee and employer. Download this 8 page guide that includes: How to be confident in salary negotiations Surveys show employers are willing to negotiate salary. How much […]

Job Seeker’s Guide: Employment Law in a Nutshell

When applying for a job, what most candidates say they want is a level playing field — the opportunity to be considered for employment because of their skills, experience, and education, without consideration of how they look, what they wear for religious reasons, or how old they are. In other words, they want a hiring […]

How to ACE Phone and Video Interviews

How to ACE Phone and Video Interviews (includes bonus checklist) Virtual interviews usually precede in-person interviews, but if you do not make a good impression in a virtual interview, you likely will not get the chance for a face-to-face one. The purpose of the phone interview is for the interviewer to decide whether to invite […]

Join 200 Million: Easy, Step by Step Guide to Creating a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has changed their look and features for jobseekers. Download the guide today! NEWLY UPDATED 2013 guide with screenshots featuring the new LinkedIn profile. [wp_eStore_free_download_ajax:product_id:9:end] Your information is 100% safe and secure. Want more information? Carry on: This 44-page, step-by-step guide to using LinkedIn in a job search is jam-packed with information. (The report includes […]

How to Give — and Get — LinkedIn Recommendations

How to Give — and Get — LinkedIn Recommendations Download this information as a FREE 23 page PDF with images.   With LinkedIn becoming increasingly important in the recruiting and hiring process, having Recommendations on your profile is important. Great Recommendations can be the difference in getting the job offer.   LinkedIn Recommendations are a […]

Interview questions YOU should ask the employer

Do You Have Any Questions For Me? Interview questions YOU should ask the employer. Click here to download a printer friendly PDF.  Job interviews aren’t meant to be an interrogation — they are supposed to be a dialogue. An interview is as much about making sure the company is a fit for you as it […]

Need a practical gift?

Looking for a practical, future-oriented gift? A gift certificate is always a perfect gift! A job change is a major life event whether you it’s for a student entering the career workforce, a mom getting back into the world of work or a seasoned professional changing paths. Help give the gift of job search transformation! […]

Jobseeker’s Guide to Preparing for the Job Interview

The goal of the résumé is to get you a job interview (and then the job.) Once you secure an interview, researching and preparing for the interview is important. Like studying for a test, some of the information you can prepare ahead of time — and some of it is important to review just to […]

Job Search: Pre-Interview Worksheet and Checklist

Pre-Interview Worksheet and Checklist Click to download a printer-friendly Word document or PDF  Read this post first – Jobseeker’s Guide to Preparing for the Job Interview. Remember, research on the company can be vital information that you can use to your advantage in the interview. It will also shape your ability to answer the interviewer’s […]

LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Download this information as a FREE 1 page PDF – LinkedIn Profile Checklist.     Profiles that are considered “complete” by LinkedIn’s standards receive 40 more “opportunities” (contacts from prospective hiring managers and recruiters) than incomplete profiles, according to the social networking site. Filling in your profile improves your chances of being found by people […]

Jobseeker’s Guide to Writing an Effective LinkedIn Profile

Download this information as a FREE 16 page PDF – Jobseeker’s Guide to Writing an Effective LinkedIn Profile e-book.  Having an online presence on LinkedIn can be important in your job search. Your LinkedIn profile can present your credentials to prospective employers and hiring managers, increasing your chance of securing an interview. Your LinkedIn profile […]

Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile Photo

 Your profile photo on LinkedIn is very important. Did you know that profiles with pictures attract 50-70 percent more inquiries than profiles without pictures? Here are some tips for your LinkedIn photo: Don’t use an old photo. There are few things worse than meeting someone for the first time and not recognizing them because the […]

Don’t Make These Mistakes On LinkedIn

Don’t Dismiss LinkedIn as Something Only for People Who Are Looking For a New Job. The best time to build your LinkedIn profile, connect with people, and participate on LinkedIn is now, before you need it. If you find yourself suddenly unemployed and decide that now is the time to start using LinkedIn, you’re going […]

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