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Resume Butterfly: Job Search Thank You Letter Tips and Template

Personalized Thank You Letter Template - Job Search Guide from ResumeButterfly

Why: A follow up letter thanks the interviewer for the opportunity, as well as reminds the interviewer of your interest in the position and thanks them for their valuable time.


When do you send a thank you note: The SAME DAY as the interview (even if you think you don’t want the job- they took time out of their day to visit with you) A decision will already be made if you wait longer than 24 hours to send it!


How:  Email is appropriate if your email address is VERY professional and this is the preferred form of communication of that employer. Your email must be perfect- no slang or poor grammar. Postal mail is also an option, remember to send it immediately so it is delivered within 24 hours.


Who do I send it to:  Send a thank you note to anyone that took time to interview you- always ask for a business card so you can check the spelling of their name and have the exact address. If you interviewed with a team it is best to send everyone a personalized thank you note.


What do I say:  Intro, thank them for their time, briefly mention something interesting from your conversation and how you are qualified, closing.  It is not your place to sell yourself – that was your job in the interview. Be gracious, brief and personalize! Include your phone number after your name.


MUSTS: Always print your name (legibly) and include your phone number so they can call you back!


Thank You Note Template


Dear (person who interviewed you),


Thank you for taking the time to interview me today for the {job title} position.  I know that I am one of many who are interested in working with your organization; I appreciate the opportunity to meet with you.


I really enjoyed speaking with you about the need for ______________ as a way to contribute to the organization/department goal of __________.  After hearing you talk about _______________, I feel even more certain that I would be able to provide real value to {insert company name}.


I am confident that I have the education, experience, and skills to be an immediate asset to your organization.  As we discussed, I am known for {i.e. increasing revenue, saving resources, optimizing productivity, improving customer service.}  I would welcome an opportunity to demonstrate what I can do for your team.


Thank you again for the interview.  I look forward to hearing from you about the next round of the hiring process.






Your Name



PS – Given what we discussed today, I thought you would enjoy this article {link} about ___________. [optional]


Remember to keep your job search momentum going… continue to apply while you are waiting to hear back after interviews. Follow up is key too. More job search tips at

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