Create an Attention Grabbing Resume & Cover Letter

GET READY for your job search:  Create an Attention Grabbing Resume & Cover Letter

Companies see hundreds of resumes for every position, highlight your top selling points. You’re getting a 14-second glance! A resume needs to be informative, organized and show how you match the job description. Start with the basics, but personalize it to highlight YOU. What sets you apart from the competition? Include objective, skills, education, work history and awards. The goal of your resume is to get an interview.  Once you are in the interview you can give more details.

What are some of the most important tips when writing a cover letter?

  • A cover letter is your advertisement- “Pick me for an interview”
  • Whenever possible, address your cover letter the specific hiring manager
  • Grab the reader’s attention- Focus on the fit between your qualifications and the job
  • Highlight three to four key accomplishments/skills/experiences  and sell yourself
  • Avoid all types of mistakes- DOUBLE CHECK
  • Include your updated contact information (seems like common sense, but you’d be surprised)
  • Short and sweet– an employer doesn’t have time to read a novel!

Helpful hint- copy and paste your customized cover letter into the body of every email that you send to an employer. Attention Grabbing Resume & Cover Letter Job Search Skills - Resume Butterfly - Get Ready - Resume and Cover Letter



Men’s Interview Style {Classic Suit}

What should you wear to an interview? Know your classics!  A button down with a gray or black suit and conservative tie is usually a great option. Black belt and shined black shoes complete the look. Make a great first impression!


Classic Suit - Men's Interview / Work Style



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 Goal Oriented, Organized & Dependable,  Professional Enthusiastic, Optimistic, Problem Solver, Leads by Example Do you have what employers are DEMANDING?



3 Things Every Job Seeker Must Do – Social Media First Impression

Before you submit your resume to a dream job follow these 3 tips to make sure an employer gets a positive first impression of you. In 2012, companies are expected to use Social Media to recruit for over 80% of job openings!

3 Things Every Job Seeker Must Do Social Media First Impression - Resume Butterfly - Blog Google Yourself Facebook LinkedIn

1. Google Yourself
If an employer did a quick online search of you, what would their first impression be? It is important to check your privacy settings before starting your job search. Keep in mind that employers often “google” candidates before interviewing.  Sign up for Google Alerts so you know when something new has been posted online about your name. (probably won’t work for me – Jessica Smith!)

2. Check your Facebook Profile! What is Public?
You can see exactly what your profile looks like to other people by using the View As tool.
Go to your Facebook profile and click the gear menu at the top right of your timeline (just under the cover photo next to Activity Log), and select “View As.” You’ll see what your profile looks to the public. To preview how your profile appears to a specific person, such as a friend or coworker, type their name and press enter. Source:

3. Be Active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the best online tool for networking. Visit the LinkedIn Learning Center for tips to help you best utilize LinkedIn for your job search. Especially pay attention to your “Professional Headline” and profile completeness.

Check this out too: How do I keep my job search a secret (i.e. your boss doesn’t know you are looking)

* Remember that even if your privacy settings are adjusted, information on the internet is never completely private. Be smart and stay professional.

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How to use social media to land a job
Courtesy of: Online Degrees

Pencil Skirt {Job Interview Outfit}

Here is another interview outfit for women.

Tip – if you wear a skirt make sure it’s long enough when you sit down AND that you are comfortable. You don’t want to fidget during your interview!

Natural makeup that isn’t distracting will complete the look! (p.s. use perfume sparingly, interview rooms are often small offices!)

Pencil Skirt - Work / Job Interview Outfit -

Pencil skirt, blouse with conservative neckline, watch, pearls, bag for your resume portfolio, heels and natural make up.

Classic Suit – Job Interview Outfit

Here is another job interview outfit idea!

Classic Suit - Job Interview Outfit -

You can’t go wrong with a black suit and simple blouse for a job interview. Black heels and a portfolio complete the look.

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Job Interview Outfit {Business Casual}

What should you wear to a job interview?

Here’s a business casual look…

Remember – the interviewer should remember that you looked professional, not be distracted by your clothes!

Job Interview Outfit - Business Casual -

Khaki blazer, black slacks, black pumps, planner/portfolio, turquoise top for a pop of color and simple silver and turquoise earrings.

Job Interview Outfit

What should you wear to a job interview?

Here’s one look – classic black suit, white button down, simple jewelry, black laptop tote and portfolio.

Job Interview - Need a resume makeover? Transform your job search

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