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Welcome to Resume Butterfly

Resume Butterfly - Jessica Smith - Need a resume makeover? Transform your job search!Howdy! I’m Jessica Smith.  Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to getting to know you. Resume Butterfly is a formal combination of things I love: people, career coaching and resume makeovers.

Think of your resume as a movie trailer.  Would your resume make you want to see the movie (aka job interview)? If the answer is NO, you need a resume makeover!

I’ve seen thousands of resumes during my career as Director of Career Services and in the working world. I know what hiring managers want. Visit the shop to get started on your resume makeover.

A little bit about me…

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  • 15+ years of management and career coaching experience
    • Former manager for Target – extensive sales, customer service and hiring experience
    • Former Director of Career Services for a local college – resume reviews, job search strategies, interviewing, networking and reporting. I also taught Career Management classes.
    • Specialty in resume makeovers, job search portfolios and career coaching
  • 10+ years of design experience
    • Published Texas A&M’s Official New Student Handbook
    • Created invitations, flyers and designs for various organizations
    • Marketing and Social Media Consultant
  • Wife and mom of two awesome kiddos
  • Texas A&M Aggie with a BBA in Marketing

I have a passion for design and helping you put your best foot forward. Visit each page for details.

Thank you for all of your kind words. I’ve enjoyed working with each of you and learning from you along the way-

Email me at ResumeButterfly(at)gmail(dot)com