How to ACE Phone and Video Interviews

How to ACE Phone and Video Interviews (includes bonus checklist)

How to ACE phone and video interviews - ResumeButterfly Job Search AdviceVirtual interviews usually precede in-person interviews, but if you do not make a good impression in a virtual interview, you likely will not get the chance for a face-to-face one. The purpose of the phone interview is for the interviewer to decide whether to invite you to the next interview — which is hopefully an in-person one.

The Internet makes it easy for you to apply for a job anywhere in the world, but the company is not going to incur the expense of bringing you in for an in-person interview unless you are a good fit — and often that is determined through one or more virtual interviews.

You may have two (or more!) virtual interviews before your first in-person interview.

Traditionally, virtual interviews (usually phone interviews) were used to conduct a pre-screening for an in-person interview and to answer any questions not addressed in the résumé. But, today, phone interviews are also replacing some in-person “first interviews.” You may be asked the same questions on the phone you might have expected would be asked in a face-to-face interview. So prepare like you would for an in-person interview.

Virtual interviews are generally shorter than in-person interviews — they may be as short as five minutes, or last up to an hour. The typical phone interview lasts 20-30 minutes. When the phone interview is scheduled, that is the time to ask how much time to allow — and then add 30 minutes to it, just in case.

In-depth phone interviews are also more common in management and executive positions — especially when relocation is required. For these positions, one or two phone interviews may be conducted before an invitation is made for a face-to-face interview.

Virtual interviews can save you time — but they can also save you money. You do not have to drive to an interview (or travel, if relocation is required).

As with a face-to-face interview, there are two possible outcomes from a virtual interview. Either you will advance to another interview (either by phone or face-to-face), or you will be eliminated from consideration.

The most important advice for any type of interview also applies to virtual interviews: Practice really does make perfect.

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