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NEWLY UPDATED 2013 guide with screenshots featuring the new LinkedIn profile.

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This 44-page, step-by-step guide to using LinkedIn in a job search is jam-packed with information. (The report includes more than 73 screenshots)

Topics Include:

  • Why Get LinkedIn?
  • Why LinkedIn Is Important In Your Job Search
  • How To Set Up An Account
  • Editing/Enhancing Your Profile
  • Creating Your Headline and Summary
  • Controlling Your Privacy Settings on LinkedIn
  • Making Connections: Importing Contacts
  • What To Do With Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Building Your Connections
  • Conducting Company Searches
  • Using Introductions, InMails, and Invites
  • Making Inroads with Invites
  • Making Connections Through LinkedIn Groups
  • Finding Jobs on LinkedIn
  • Building Your Credibility With Recommendations
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