GET READY for your job search: Private Profiles & Professional Email and Voicemail
Private profiles on Facebook & Other Social Media

Social networking websites like Facebook can be great tools for socializing and networking, but they can also hurt a job seeker’s chances of landing a new job. What if a potential employer saw pictures from your birthday party or what you did this weekend? Would it help you get the job or make them run the other way? TIPS: “Google” your own name and check out the results. What will a prospective employer see if they perform a Google search?  Set pages to “private.”  Remember that even if it is private it isn’t 100% confidential. Be careful about what you post online. LinkedIn can be a great way to network—keep your profile very professional and updated!

Professional Email & Voicemail

A first impression is lasting. What does say about you? Set up a new professional email address such as People sometimes forget to pay attention to the little detail of how their email or voicemail message sounds when they start filling out job applications. Employers will definitely notice. If your voicemail message sounds unprofessional, they will just hang up without leaving a message, and you’ll never get a chance to interview with them.

Voicemail Don’ts (some seem obvious, but I’ve had them happen a lot!)

* Messages recorded by your kids * Call Tunes Music * Goofy messages * Sarcastic  or rude comments * Mumbled greetings * No message

Voicemail Do’s
A professional voicemail message is a simple greeting, such as “This is Jessica Smith,  I’m not available to take your call right now. Please leave your name, number, and a detailed message and I will return your call as soon as possible.”

Are you prepared for your job search?

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